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We ideate, develop, deploy and maintain blockchain technology solutions for start-ups, enterprises, and government.

Our Services

Digital Identity

Traditional identity system causes identity theft, personal data exposure, and financial losses. BIT blockchain wallet provides a decentralized identity solution to store digital identities secured for users and enterprises.

Fleet Management

Track your vehicles with BIT blockchain-driven software and GPS. Stay updated with the data from drivers. Optimize your logistic workflow throughout the path. Get authentic information about the exporter & importer, cargoes, and customs in no time.

Loyalty Program

Blockchain solutions for advertising and loyalty programs using BIT. Distributed ledger technology facilitates advertisers and publishers to communicate directly. Better communication gives better results.


A digital voting system is like a transaction of voter data like name, age, other details, and the name of the candidate he voted for.

Blockchain-based verification of data transactions can not be a fraud.

Digital Transformation

It creates trust and security for consumers, customers, trade and business partners in the anonymous world of cross-border digital connectivity.

Supply Chain Management.

Monitor the unseen areas of the supply chain with the traceability power of blockchain. Optimize your logistic workflow throughout the path. Get authentic information about the exporter & importer, cargoes, and customs in no time.

Metaverse and Gaming

Brace yourself for a digital wonderland where players become creators, where virtual interactions blur the line between fiction and existence. Unleash your creativity, collaborate with fellow enthusiasts, and build your own destinies in this interconnected universe of excitement. The future of gaming is here, and it's waiting for you to explore. Step into the Metaverse and let the journey begin!

Our Products

Veterans Connect

In a significant step towards improving the post-service experience for veterans, this innovative platform, powered by blockchain technology, aims to facilitate seamless communication and coordination among veterans. With personalized profiles, the app streamlines access to post-retirement benefits and ensures real-time updates, so veterans never miss out on important announcements. Some distinctive features offered by the app include support services, integration of third party vendors, latest news updates and the ability to create community forums to enable discussions, asking questions, sharing experiences, and supporting fellow veterans.


This community based news app is a game-changer in how the news is consumed by the audience. It’s user-friendly interface empowers people to do more than just read the news – they can create it too! Share articles, audio, videos, and images seamlessly from anywhere anytime. With the use of blockchain technology, the app allows to contribute anonymously while keeping data transparent and traceable, thereby encouraging civic responsibility and revolutionizing how people engage with news.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Currently, BIT has many pilots and production-ready applications such as Smart Contracting, Credential Management, Digital Certificate Issuing Platform and NFT souvenirs to name a few, tailored for different sectors and government bodies.

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