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Updated: Jul 27

The success of using the BIT WEB3 APPLICATION use case has allowed us to demonstrate its capabilities. In the most appropriate sector, education, we began the process of #digitizing #credentials.

We found students’ educational achievements—including academic transcripts, work history, and skill credentialing—are often scattered across multiple institutions, disparate IT systems, and difficult to manage hard copies.

These records:

● As reported by schools and colleges, are often misplaced or damaged by students.

● Often self-reported via a resume or on LinkedIn, it can be a challenge to authenticate.

● Might present a student's achievements through a narrow lens, omitting his overall achievements.

● If siloed in one centralized location, it becomes an attractive target for hacking.

On this front, the BIT Web3 Application is a powerful new-age software application crafted by Beyond Imagination Technologies to empower educational institutions by automating and streamlining most of the institute’s activities. It offers the option of portable digital credentials to reduce administrative costs, improve job opportunities for graduates, and more. The application takes care of all institutional activities, from enrolling students to long term transcript verification, including routine activities like attendance, assignments, and examinations, etc.

The BIT WEB3 APPLICATION derives its strength from its underlying web3 architecture. It uses #blockchaintechnology for data storage and verification; which makes it incredibly powerful, secure, and tamper-proof. It is a giant leap in the digitization process of our educational institutes.

Key benefits/feature of the blockchain technology are:

❖ Data stored on the #blockchain can never be lost, deleted, or tampered with. It is a distributed ledger of transactions

❖ Immutability of the ledger ensures that the data persists for years and years to come.

❖ There are no downtimes as the network is spread over thousands of nodes.

❖ The blockchain network is immune to hardware malfunctions.

❖ The blockchain network persists over a closed network, which makes it secure from foreign influence, viruses, and hackers.

The BIT Application is the safest and simplest form of record keeping. It also allows the storage of large files like certificates, grade-cards, photos, videos, etc. It comes with a set of attractive and simple user interfaces. This makes the application extremely easy to use by people of all age groups. The interface is prepared in a way that the users can interact with all the features of the application right from day 1, without any prior training. It simplifies workflows, thus reducing bureaucratic and communication overhead.

The BIT Application has all the important functionality of an educational institute along with some advanced yet much needed features.

1. Student Record Management

2. Student Credentials Management

3. Student Attendance Management

4. Student Assignment Management

5. Student Academic Performance Management

6. Record keeping of Faculty feedbacks

7. Dashboard for each Student

8. School Dashboard

9. Record of student non-academic activities

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