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Welcome to Beyond Imagination Technologies, where innovation meets limitless possibilities. Explore the world of cutting-edge solutions and transformative technologies. From pioneering blockchain applications to revolutionary environmental platforms, we are redefining the future. Discover, innovate, and shape the future with Beyond Imagination Technologies.

Our Vision

Our vision is to pioneer the next frontier of technological evolution by designing revolutionary blockchain-based products. We are committed to crafting solutions that transcend imagination, addressing real-world challenges with innovation, transparency, and a commitment to creating lasting positive impact.

Our Projects


  • Issue
  • Store
  • Verify
  • Retrieve

Bringing a paradigm shift to the traditional approach of document management and sharing, this NFT utility platform leverages blockchain technology to create a decentralized way to secure digital records and establish a tamper-proof infrastructure.



Verification and Vetting of Credentials


Education Sector

Skills Passport and Verified Credentials



Verified Invoicing, Documentation & Supply Chain Management


Medical Sector

Medical Passport and Patient Records


Your Secure Digital Wallet

Your go-to non-custodial digital wallet that ensures the safety of your digital assets, offering a seamless and user-friendly experience.


Where Technology Meets Sustainability

A revolutionary platform that harnesses the power of blockchain to bring unprecedented transparency to tree plantation activities.


Capture Details

Document relevant details of the campaign



Donate or invest in quality projects


Project DMRV

Seamless project monitoring, reporting & verification


Carbon Offsetting

Transparent & immutable carbon sequestration records


The New-Age Digital Product Passport

A visionary concept that aims to revolutionize the perspective towards daily-use products by placing a spotlight on sustainability and the intricate journey they undertake from their source to the consumer's hands.

Roadmap - 2024

  • Quarter 1

    BitMemoir Mainnet Launch

    The BitMemoir platform will officially go live. People will be able to use it to issue, store, and share their sensitive documents and credentials.

    BitMemoir Integration Framework

    Integration into other systems or platforms will be enabled, making the platform more versatile and accessible.

    BitWallet Beta Launch

    The beta version of BitWallet will be released which will allow users to store and manage their digital assets securely.

    BitBhoomi MVP Launch

    A basic version of BitBhoomi, will be launched, showcasing the core features and functionality of the platform.

    BitBhoomi Beta Launch

    The beta version of BitBhoomi will be released, allowing users to test and provide feedback on the platform before its official launch.

  • Quarter 2

    Digital Product Passport (DPP) MVP Launch

    This illustrates the launch of the minimum viable product of DPP.

    IDO Token Launch (Community Sale)

    The projects token will be offered for sale to the community through a decentralized exchange. This will allow community members to participate in the projects growth

    Token Listing on Decentralized Exchange

    After the IDO, the projects token will be listed on a decentralized exchange, making it available for trading among users.

    BitBhoomi Mainnet Launch

    This is the official launch of the BitBhoomi platform on the mainnet, meaning it will be fully operational and accessible to users.

  • Quarter 3

    BitWallet Mainnet Launch

    Similar to the BitBhoomi Mainnet Launch, this refers to the official launch of the BitWallet platform on the mainnet.

    Digital Product Passport (DPP) Beta Launch

    The beta version of DPP will be released, allowing users to test and provide feedback on the system before its official launch.

    Token Listing on Centralized Exchanges

    The projects token will be listed on centralized exchanges, providing more opportunities for users to trade and access the token.

  • Quarter 4

    BitBhoomi Full Launch

    This is the official launch of the complete and fully functional BitBhoomi platform. Users will be able to utilize all the features and benefits of this revolutionary platform.

    BitMemoir Enhancements

    During this quarter, BitMemoir will undergo enhancements and improvements based on user feedback and market demands. This will make the platform even more robust and user-friendly.

    BitWallet Enhancements

    Similar to BitMemoir, BitWallet will also receive enhancements and updates to improve its functionality and user experience

    DPP Mainnet Launch

    The official launch of the Digital Product Passport (DPP) on the mainnet. Users will be able to utilize the full capabilities of DPP for verifying the authenticity and ownership of digital products

    Community Engagement and Partnerships

    In Quarter 4, there will be a focus on engaging with the community and forming partnerships to further strengthen the BIT’s ecosystem and reach.

Our Partners


Our Team


Founder and CEO

Nikhil Goyal

(Serial Entrepreneur)


Co-Founder and CTO

Anthony Raj

(Ex-Microsoft and Cisco)



Alejandro Giuffrida

(Former rector of the Champagnat University (Argentina) and president of the Association of Latin American and Caribbean Universities for Integration)

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